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Several members have asked me to send out some previously sent
messages, so I will combine a few on here to ensure all of our communications
will be received by the people who need to receive them.  These are not exactly the same messages, but is mostly the overall information that was previously sent.

First, in case you do not receive a message from us, ALL messages
will now go through our news section.  We are aiming to send these out
every Monday and Thursday.  If you do not receive anything, please check your spam/junk mail folder first, but this page will have all recent posts.  You can click on any post to the right side below the calendar for recent posts to help navigate through them.


The main purpose is to keep you informed of any changes.  Please share this with someone who is not getting communications from us.


Online Member Tee Times:

Moving forward, all member tee times are to be made online.  We are allowing you to make them 14 days in advance for booking them that way.  You may make them in person at the counter, but it would be limited to 7 days advance tee times.


To book a member tee time, just use the following link to get started:


Click here for online tee times

  • Now click on a tee time and once you are in that page, look at the round black icon in the upper right corner. That is where you create an account or log into your account.  Once you are logged into your account, you can proceed with the final steps
  • After you signed into your account and selected the tee time, now select the number of players and click “BOOK TEE TIME”
  • In the promo code section, if you wanted to play Firefox – add the code “FFmember21” and press apply. If you wanted to play Whispering Pines – add the code “WPmember21” 
  • The amount should show as $0.00 and tell you the credit amount was applied
  • Fill in the payment details and click “RESERVE NOW”
  • Repeat this process for multiple times.
We are working to enhance this, so this is the beginning of the process.
Tee Time Cancellation Policy
  1. We are not targeting the groups that make 2 tee times (8 players) and have 6, we are trying to stop the large bookings (16 + Guests) who only show up with 3, in this case the club is losing potential revenue. We need to maximize out tee times because each open time is revenue we lose every 9 minutes.
  2. Weather Cancellation Policy- I do apologize for not adding this in my first email, it was on my list to add and I completely forgot. If the weatherman tells us its going to rain, then we will not be holding anyone responsible for their missed times. As well as, if its raining, we would obviously like for you to call into the shop and cancel your tee time in the morning, however it isn’t necessary. We would be not be losing open spots because the course would be potentially be closed anyway.
  3. You can book in the shop 7 days out not 14. Your two week window is only online.
  4. We are working on having the online portal to have the ability to book multiple tee times, unfortunately it is out of our hands and with the developers, we will update when this feature is available.

I hope this clears up the main points and issues that I have heard, if there are any future questions please feel free to email me at

River Course Greens Replacement Has Been Scheduled

This was sent about 3 weeks ago from JP:

I would like to thank all of you for your input and support during this process for the River greens conversion.  We are going to keep the course open as long as possible.  Jimmie will be spraying the greens to kill the grass on May 15th.  This process will most likely take a week or two before they are unplayable, then we will be closing the Course.  

The sprigs have been ordered and will be arriving on June 18th, Jimmie will be then monitoring them everyday to make sure they are coming in full and healthy.  The projected open date is on September 1st, we will be holding a Members appreciation event on the River around that time so keep an eye out for sign up.

Again, I want to thank all of your for your support of CCWP and I know I am looking forward to a very bright future here in Whispering Pines!

Thank you,
JP Longueil

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